Aaron Peterson answered the call to ministry at fifteen years of age,
and along with his wife, Cally, planted his first church at eighteen
(in 2004). While pastoring, he earned a Bachelors Degree in Pastoral
Ministry and a Master’s Degree from Crown College. Aaron has been a  Seer and Prophet since he was a child, and has always flowed in a strong prophetic anointing. His ministry is marked with deliverance, visions, dreams, foretelling, insight, and encounters with
Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

Aaron’s first book, The Seer Anointing: Restoring an
Ancient Gift to the Modern Church, was released in 2018, and he is in the process of writing his second book, Foundations in Supernatural Christianity. Aaron enjoys fishing, hunting, motorcycles, and the art of bonsai. His wife, Cally, homeschools their daughter, Serenity.

Serenity, though young, has already been active in ministry and has seen miracles, signs, and wonders since birth. Cally’s pastoral heart and Serenity’s prophetic call make their family a powerful combination in ministry.