EMERGE is really an amazing place to be!
We believe that we ALL hear God’s voice (better than you think)
and we ALL have access to the Kingdom of Heaven.
Our mission is simple. Love God and love others.
Remind others how perfectly God sees them and how absolutely loved they are!



I believe that all of us are meant to do God’s work TOGETHER because we are on earth TOGETHER. Why else would God pick THIS time to have us all meet each other? Students amaze me! I absolutely LOVE the innocence of students dreaming about God and developing their relationship with God. Their curiosity of His fullness inspires me. All you have to do, is ask questions, and they will surprise you with their answers in the most awesome way. My heart is “connection”.It is so important that students have true, authentic, godly relationships. We practice that! 
We pray for each other and laugh A LOT! I always knew I was a “pastor” at heart but being a YOUTH pastor is the most rewarding responsibility that God has ever allowed me to experience! I also LOVE developing leaders and student leaders. We are ALL made in God’s image, and we carry many pieces of Him wherever we go. Hearing what other leaders and students bring to a Wednesday night is evident of the fullness of God and why we are here TOGETHER! It’s all on PURPOSE! I am honored to serve the youth at Elevation!!

what's coming up: