Fundamentals - Part 7

Mar 6, 2022    Ryan Kibbe

Message: Fundamentals - Part 7
Living In Graceland
Speaker: Ryan Kibbe
Sunday Service: 9:00 am

Grace. If you have grown up in any religious environment, you have heard this word
It’s often talked about, but is often misunderstood or worse, misapplied.

It sometimes gets tossed around in academic conversations as a “great theological concept” to know. But grace isn’t a concept or academic fodder. It’s bigger than that. It’s bigger than Jesus’ forgiveness of all of our sins, which is also a part of His amazing grace! It’s even bigger than His “unmerited favor” over your life.

So what is grace? Grace is actually the influence of a Person. Jesus! And it’s His divine influence on your life, whom John 1:14 says is full of grace, Who changes your options and the options of everyone around you!

In part 7 of our “Fundamentals” series, Ryan Kibbe summons us to understand the riches of His kindness, LIVING IN GRACELAND!

For those inclined, feel free to come early before our 9:00 am service at 8:30 for a special pre-service prayer time in the sanctuary.

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