Sep 5, 2021    Pastor Aaron Peterson

Message: Expression - Releasing Creativity for the Gospel
Speaker: Aaron Peterson
Date: 9/5/21
Service Times: 9am & 10:45am

The Kingdom of God has always impacted culture, as hearts after God expressed their awe in their own spheres of influence. Somewhere along the way, Christians began to look more deeply at morality than creativity- and sold their place as influencers and leaders for the role of “moral enforcers”. How has that been working for the world?

Join Pastor Aaron for a deep discussion on the root of our mistrust of humanity, and a bold and hopeful vision for a fresh creativity that could, again, captivate the world for Jesus.

For those inclined, feel free to come early before our 9:00 am service at 8:30 for a special pre-service prayer time in the sanctuary.

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