February Week 1

Feb 6, 2022
We start with a crucial moment from Jesus’ life, found in
Luke 4:14-24, 28-30. After Jesus returned from being
tempted in the wilderness, He started teaching in the
Synagogue. Soon Jesus traveled to Nazareth, where He
grew up. Jesus went to the Synagogue, stood in front of
the crowd, and read an important passage from Isaiah
about the promised Messiah. Jesus says that He is the
One sent to fulfill those things written in Isaiah: bringing
freedom, healing, and hope to ALL people. Jesus let
everyone know His purpose in life.

Bottom Line: Following Jesus means caring about
others. Jesus showed us genuine compassion. Jesus
knew God’s purpose for His life, and every interaction He
had with others demonstrated that. As kids learn what
it means to believe in Jesus and follow Him with their
life, we pray that they will catch His purpose and decide
to make a difference in the world by sharing God’s
compassionate love with others.