Core Values - I am Supernatural, Part 1

Jun 30, 2021

I Am Supernatural - Part 1
Pastor Ryan Kibbe

Elevation Church Core Value "What is “Supernatural”

The Bible speaks of God the Father as "maker of all that is, seen and unseen".

The unseen spiritual realm is the God of the unseen at work in the seen, causing change and giving direction within the realm of the seen, ever at work for the unseen world of the Kingdom.

And in the end, the unseen and the seen will be brought together in a healed realm where the Spirit can at last be seen. Till then, it takes the eyes of faith to see the unseen.

This statement is defining there is more to existence than we can sense, and that the same Lord who rules what we know also rules what we don’t. 

Thus, there's no need to fear the unknown.