Overcomer - Part 1

Dec 5, 2021    Pastor Ryan Kibbe
Message: Overcomer
Speaker: Ryan Kibbe
Sunday Service: 9:00 am

Religion makes God complicated. The true gospel, or put another way, the “good news” of Jesus - isn’t complicated. Jesus models the way for us, AS US. Why? Because He is “the way” and “the Truth” and our “life” in this life.

It’s living a life that is way more than positive mindsets, motivations or even building self-esteem. It’s actually an authentic and powerful lifestyle in Jesus that manifests Him through any and all circumstances.

We are destined to be conformed to His image, a people who relentlessly cling to the superior realities of His world, and consistently overcome the negative realities of this one. Because we are just like Jesus! This Sunday, Ryan Kibbe shares why we are “more than conquerors.” We are OVERCOMERS!

For those inclined, feel free to come early before our 9:00 am service at 8:30 for a special pre-service prayer time in the sanctuary.

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