Holy Victorious

Oct 31, 2021    Pastor Aaron Peterson
Message: Holy Victorious
Speaker: Aaron Peterson
Date: 10/31/21
Times: 9am & 10:45am Live In-Person
9am Live Online

The Gospel is unchallenged throughout all of creation. What Jesus accomplished on the cross changed the very nature of the fabric of reality itself.

We are all challenged to see every situation through the lens of the reckless, holy, and victorious love of God. This love will empower the Bride to stop hiding and start winning territory for the Lamb. Prepare to be challenged as we join Pastor Aaron for a journey into the power of a life lived from the posture of both “holy” and “victorious”.

For those inclined, feel free to come early before our 9:00 am service at 8:30 for a special pre-service prayer time in the sanctuary. See you there!