Core Values - God is Still Moving, Part 2

Jul 27, 2023    Pastor Aaron Peterson

God Is Still Moving - Part 2

Aaron Peterson

The fact that God is still active, near, and capable needs to mean something in the way that we posture ourselves in this world.

To put it plainly, our belief and trust in God means that we can be separate enough from culture (INCLUDING church culture) to have an impact upon culture. Join Pastor Aaron as we delve into the “how, then, shall we live” of “God is still Moving”.

THE DNA of Elevation Church is found in our Core Values. This summer, we invite you to join us each Tuesday and Thursday night at 6:30 pm ONLINE only, as we share our Elevation Church CORE VALUES.

These teachings are not just for Elevation Church, but for the greater body of Christ and the kingdom principles Jesus laid out for every believer.

We believe these CORE VALUES teachings are a vital part of us fulfilling the vision of Elevation Church: To ELEVATE people to a new life in Christ, EQUIP them for His purpose, and to ENGAGE culture through the mighty power of God.